Our Lifts

Brauneck cable car:

85 4-person gondolas
Uphill capacity: 800 people/h
Load transportation: for hang gliders up to 4.2 m long
Length: 2,500 m
Elevation gain: 800 m
Speed:   4 m/s = 14.4 km/h
Travel time: 12 min.

Garland 3-seater chairlift
Chairlift: 3-seater
Year of construction: 1989
Travel time: 8.49 min.
Speed: 2,2 m/s
Elevation gain: 343.8 m
Length: 1,012.2 m
Uphill capacity:  1,775 people/h
Elevation of bottom station: 1,171 m
Elevation of top station: 1,517 m

Finstermünz chairlift:

Ahorn quad chairlift:

T-bar lifts:

Streidlhang lift
Jaudenhang lift I
Jaudenhang lift II
Draxlhang lift I
Draxlhang lift II
Florihang lift I
Florihang lift II
Bayernhang lift
Zirkus lift
Schneebar lift
Idealhang lift